What channel you watching?

It wasn't always the case that you could watch an entire channel of cartoons or cooking shows. But now, you can find a channel for any topic that inspires you. One show after another.

Channels organize the topics we love. So, at Stattleship, we've introduced channels for sports fans. On http://stream.stattleship.com/ fans can now click on any sport channel and follow along as live play by play data is turned into social media. It's a completely new way of following the notable events that happen in each game.

These events are broadcast to their specific channel so you can see every homerun, every touchdown, every fumble, and every 100 mph fastball thrown.

What's your jam? Want to just follow the Cubs? You can do that. Want to see who's tossing curve balls? You can do that.
Want to see all the blocked kicks in the NFL? Sure. That too.

Everything we do at Stattleship is designed to bring the box score data and sports stats into the fan conversation. We think channels are a great way to do that. That's why each notable play is turned into a Twitter card. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to share your favorite play online. You can needle your fantasy league or just give a shout out.

It's early, but we wanted our followers to know this stuff is here. You can play with it and let us know what you think.

More soon!