Superbowl 50 Conversations Weren't All About Football

At Stattleship, we advise brands to maintain a continuous conversation with sports fans online to take advantage of consumers' interest in all sports events. When one second of air time during the Super Bowl costs $166,666, brands should be able to extend that conversation long after the game ends.

We decided to track Twitter activity during the game using the streaming API via Pablo Barbera's streamR package. Over 2.5 million tweets containing the hashtags #BigGame and #SB50 were collected leading up to, during, and after the game.

We wanted to see which brands were able to participate in this event and own part of the conversation.

Here are some of our findings based on 693,975 tweets during the game.

  • Esurance was the most mentioned brand due to their $1 million sweepstakes, which you could enter simply by retweeting their ads during the Superbowl. They even beat out replies to the Broncos and Panthers handles.
  • Lady Gaga mentions spiked at the beginning of the game due to her spectacular National Anthem performance.
  • In terms of fan engagement, the next most popular brands were (in order): Papa John's, Doritos, Miller Lite, and Budweiser.

We've embedded over half a million tweets in this Tableau dashboard for you to interact with yourself. You can search for any term and view its usage during the game as well as view the tweets themselves.

Brand managers, you spent a lot of money to build your sports fan voice. How do you continue to be heard now? Don't let the conversation end when the game does.