Superbowl 50 fan swearing stats - Panthers fans had a lot to curse

We collected all comments from the r/NFL live Reddit game threads, such as this one, during the Superbowl that contained two choice four-letter words (hint: they start with 'f' and 's').

Here are a few fun stats about the comments:

  • There were a total of 4,369 unique comments that contained those special words.
  • Redditor football fans cussed an average of 17.1 times per minute.
  • Redditors with no team alliance swore the most.
  • Panthers fans swore more than Broncos fans.
  • Patriots fans swore more than all other fans.

Turns out, you can just about infer the game's play-by-play based on the obscene comments from the live threads. We've pointed out a few of the spikes in swearing and tagged the associated play of the game. Click the points in order to filter the comments below. If you hover over the play button in the bottom right corner and see a URL, that means you can view the highlight play itself.

At Stattleship we're always turning fan conversations into meaningful content for brands to be smarter about how they engage with their audiences. This time though, the takeaway is just that Panthers fans had quite a lot of reasons to swear.

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