Open Letter To Our API Community

Thanks for your note. I’m bummed that you found our earlier emails threatening. Definitely not our intent. We are trying to get the community’s attention and mobilize you guys to support the service you love and use.

You see, this Stattleship API is NOT our business. The API is a service. Our business at Stattleship is building great products using sports data. We build them to sell to brands like Adidas, The Jets, and ESPN. That’s our goal with things like Oglethorpe and Stream. If you’re interested in learning more about this part of our business, just email me at josh at stattleship dot com, and I’ll be happy to explain how those platforms work. I love those products and I think they represent the future of fan engagement on social media.

The sports data API is a service we provide to the community because we have this data and we were fortunate enough to negotiate a deal with Sportradar who agreed that making a non-commercial license available to fans was a great idea. That’s the API. We built a bunch of utilities on top of their data to speed access and organize data in the way we know fans think. We never wanted to make any money selling this data. That’s Sportradar’s business.

The community has grown to almost 2000 users. We don't market this service, yet dozens of users sign up each week. Instead of it being a nice thing we could do for the community, it has now become a significant monthly cost in hosting fees. It’s also a huge effort supporting daily requests and fixing inconsistencies in the data for our API users.

As our earlier emails states, we’re happy to keep this service live, but David and I are trying to work on our core business in parallel. Since so many of you have said “I’d easily pay $50 to $100 a month for this. I know how expensive it is,” we figured you’d all like to keep this API service live. That’s what Patreon is designed to do - let the people who use this data continue to use this data while we focus on our core business.

I hope that helps explain our position. We’re not threatening anyone. You will always have the opportunity to access this data, you’ll just need to pay Sportradar directly if we wind up shutting down our API. And like you, we know that’s not something that most fans and hobbyists can afford to do for their personal use.

Tomorrow is a real cut-off date. We hope you and others step up. We feel really good about providing this data and we don’t regret the time and money we’ve spent supporting this community. We are die hard sports fans and data junkies too.