Fans, Brands, & Social Media: H-E-B Part II

In Part I, we established that @HEB's Spurs-related tweets seem to garner more attention (i.e. favorites and retweets) than their non-Spurs tweets. This fact suggests that at least some »

Fans, Brands, & Social Media: H-E-B Part I

The Brand-Fan Challenge In an era of binge-watching and multi-tasking, live sporting events offer brands an increasingly rare commodity: a captive audience. Well, it's a somewhat captive audience. Whether watching »

Will Steph Curry hit 272 threes before reaching 600 attempts?

Stephen Curry is poised to smash all sorts of three-point records this season (including several of his own). In terms of minutes played, Curry passed Peja Stojakovic's 2003 - 2004 »

How much does a win cost in the NBA?

With the NBA trade deadline days away, money is in the forefront of many a basketball fan's mind. The nuances of the NBA players' Collective Bargaining Agreement, salary caps, luxury »

Point(s) of No Return - Statpig PuzzleR #2

Given a choice between a blowout and a close game, I'll usually opt for the latter. However, epic comebacks are among the most exciting events to watch (citation: every sports »