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Let's face it. Some content marketing smells good. Most stinks. With the Sloan Sports Analytics conference in Boston this week we've had a great opportunity to meet with a number »

Sloan's Analytics Conference Needs More Data

Next week, Boston is hosting the 10th annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The conference, run by MIT's business school, has grown into a sell-out event each year and has evolved »

Visualizing Team Road Trips

In Boston, we're very excited that our Celtics have a home winning streak of 11 games. We don't want them to go on the road again, but when they do, »

When brands have too much to say on social

The opportunity to reach millions of customers and potential customers on social media is real. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and others have aggregated reach that other media can't touch. Brand managers »

Dynamic pricing driven by sports stats

Whoa, what? Yeah, what if that were a real thing. In Boston, Jordan's Furniture runs a promotion each year that entices customers to buy furniture with the hope that it »