Tanya's PlotCon Talk

Tanya is too young to be giving a history of data visualization. But she does it so well... Always proud to showcase her brain. Our own @tanyacash21 presented at @plotlygraphs »

Open Letter To Our API Community

Thanks for your note. I’m bummed that you found our earlier emails threatening. Definitely not our intent. We are trying to get the community’s attention and mobilize you »

What channel you watching?

It wasn't always the case that you could watch an entire channel of cartoons or cooking shows. But now, you can find a channel for any topic that inspires you. »

WTF - Did you take the summer off?

Sorry for the pause in blogging. Stattleship has been incredibly busy preparing for the 2016-2017 NFL season and chasing down lots of different opportunities with Major League Baseball sponsors. We »

New shareable sports moments

Today in NYC, there's another sports business conference. As seen by the graphic below, there are quite a few of them each year. Leaders in the industry are determined to »