Analyzing Sports Fan Engagement

In preparation for a few big meetings with brands, we've been digging deep into sport fan behavior on different social media channels. To analyze who is saying what, we've first segmented fans into three categories: pre-gamers, gamers, and post-gamers. This gives us more accurate view into who is anticipating the game, reacting to the game, and analyzing the game (your Monday morning quarterbacks).

The first thing we noticed is that there is a lot (A LOT) of noise across Twitter that needed to be filtered out. Bots selling jerseys and swag dominate mentions. Once the data is cleaner, you can do some interesting analysis of which brands are mentioned. Surprisingly, despite the long list of local and national brand sponsors, few Celtic brand partners engage in the sports conversation on social media. What's even more surprising is that many of these brands are advertising during the game yet ignoring social media - even though the volume of Celtics tweets spike during that period.

The second thing we noticed is that lots of score updates and emoji stamped photos get retweeted across a fan base that is unabashedly self-described die-hard.

Last night, we monitored sports conversations before, during, and after the Boston Celtic's game. JetBlue dominated the conversation across brands. Why? They just signed up as a new sponsor. Maybe they'll maintain a more active presence than the other sponsors who missed an opportunity to participate in the fun.