The Stattleship Community - 1,000+ Sports Data Nerds by the Numbers

Over the past few months, our Stattleship community has really started to grow. We recently surpassed 1,000 registered Stattleship API users. To give you a sense of what your »

New shareable sports moments

Today in NYC, there's another sports business conference. As seen by the graphic below, there are quite a few of them each year. Leaders in the industry are determined to »

Hockey Shot Blocking with R and the Stattleship API

The other day, the Yhat blog posted a nice article on shot blocking in the NHL, with emphasis on the differences that may occur between the regular season and the »

Win, Lose, or Draw: where and why do NBA fans spend their money?

With the NBA Conference Finals underway, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at the 2015-16 regular season attendance numbers. Which road teams were the best »

Fans, Brands, & Social Media: H-E-B Part II

In Part I, we established that @HEB's Spurs-related tweets seem to garner more attention (i.e. favorites and retweets) than their non-Spurs tweets. This fact suggests that at least some »